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New foam to cushions for the seats and back of the sofas and chairs these can be made to fit all sizes. contact us and ask about our Cushion Express Foam Replacement Service.


A process of removing layers of upholstery right down to the frame. Taking down in this way allows for each layer to be inspected and upholstery techniques noted so re-upholstering can be performed in the same manner in which it was made.


Commonly used as a foundation on most traditionally upholstered chairs and sofas. Webbing in particular helps the frame to become a strong weight bearing structure.


Take a very important role when used in the upholstery of furniture. They can be used to give added resilience, depth and comfort to the seat. Springs in certain styles of furniture also help create shape.

More services we offer:

  • Stuffing and Padding: Of upholstered furniture not only provides comfort and longer life but also shapes the furniture into its own unique style. Modern techniques are equally as good as traditional when attaining a high standard of durability.

  • Deep buttoning: Requires the greatest amount of patience and accuracy of all the re-upholstering techniques. The effect of deep buttoning can easily define a piece of furniture and make it into a visual and sensual drama.

  • Top Cover & Finishing: with all upholstery foundations in place, applying the top cover and finishing is the most exciting process. The top cover and finishing is the icing on the cake and where the furniture really starts to come alive.on of your business, your site or what you do. Use this space to add information for your users, write about your philosophy or your journey and define your distinguishing qualities. Consider adding an image for extra engagement.